Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Science

Do you want to use technology to solve problems? Do you enjoy communicating with computers and diving into new technologies? If so, pursuing a Bachelor of Innovation in Computer Science may be right for you.

Computer Science majors study computers and programming languages, using analytical skills and resilience to create new solutions.

What do Computer Science B.I. students study?

Computer science is the study of both computer hardware and software design. It encompasses both the study of theoretical algorithms and the practical problems involved in implementing them through computer hardware and software. The study of computer science has many branches, including artificial intelligence, software engineering, programming, and computer graphics.


  1. Concepts of Programming Languages CS 3160

    Evolution of the central concepts of programming languages, describing syntax and semantics, data types, abstract data types, control structures, subprograms, concurrency and exception handling.

  2. Software Engineering I CS 3300

    Software engineering methodologies. The software lifecycle. Emphasis on the design, development and implementation of a software system. A course project provides the student teams practical application of the software engineering techniques.

  3. Computer Networks CS 4220

    Course focuses on the basic network and protocol concepts and principles with practical hands-on exercises on network management, network programming, and network planning through the use of industry simulators. Topics include: Internet protocols and routing, local area networks, basic TCP/IP programming, congestion control, packet switching and routing, quality-of-service, and network management.

  4. Design and Analysis of Algorithms CS 4720

    Design methodologies; divide-and-conquer, exhaustive search, dynamic programming. Time and space complexity measures, analysis of algorithms. Survey of important algorithms for searching, sorting, graph manipulation. Tractability: class P and NP, NP complete problems.

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