Communication: Digital Media

Digital Media

Communication: Digital Media

Do you enjoy creating with digital technology? Do you want to design and develop content for artistic and marketing initiatives? If so, pursuing a Bachelor of Innovation in ​Communication: Digital Media may be right for you.

​Communication: Digital Media majors prepare for work in increasingly connected fields such as multimedia and social media marketing, graphic design, video and audio creation and editing, animation, web design and more. 

What do Communication: Digital Media B.I. students study?

The BI in Digital Media is a collaboration across several departments and programs in the College of LAS and structured for students to learn how to design, create, produce, oversee and support across media platforms in an expanding and increasingly interconnected field. The BI Digital Media curriculum strategically intertwines both artistic and commercial contexts by integrating courses from Communication, English, Music, Technical Communication and Information Design (TCID) and Visual Arts.


  1. Digital Art and Design VA 2100

    This course explores techniques of non-photographic Digital Imaging, and the use of the computer as both medium and tool in digital art and design production. Students will work with a range of software, hardware, and tools with an emphasis on graphic design principles and physical outputs.

  2. Writing for the Media COMM 2900

    Fundamentals of news gathering and writing, news story forms.

  3. Web and Print Document Design TCID 3130

    Examines print- and web-based design strategies for various rhetorical situations. Includes practice, theory, and terminology of basic document design, with attention to visual rhetoric and usability.

  4. Digital Film Editing COMM 3460

    Students will develop an understanding and skills related to digital film editing using Final Cut Studio and other editing software. They will also learn concepts related to story creation through digital film editing theory.

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