Visual and Performing Arts: Music


Visual and Performing Arts: Music

The Bachelor of Innovation™ (BI) in VAPA Music is a cross-disciplinary degree that combines music skills and training, engineering and business.  This cutting-edge curriculum prepares students for variety of careers in the broad spectrum of music professions including performance, composition, technology, recording, management, the global business world and more. 

What do Visual and Performing Arts: Music B.I. students study?

Students acquire in-depth skills and knowledge in the music field as well as valuable breadth in other arts disciplines, technology, business and creative entrepreneurship. BI VAPA Music students participate in several high-level collaborative projects, internships and produce professional level work that give them a distinct advantage launching careers in the competitive changing world of music.


  1. Aural Skills I MUS 1030

    First semester course in a two-semester sequence. Students will develop the skills of sight reading, melodic and harmonic dictation, and rhythm reading, interpretation, and execution.

  2. Topics in Music History and Research I MUS 2850

    Selected topics within European art music, including formal and stylistic developments from Antiquity through the late Baroque/early Classical transition. Development of critical thinking and writing skills by comparing cultural artistic aesthetics within various musical traditions, as well as research methodologies.

  3. Theory and Practice in the Visual Performing Arts VAPA 3900

    A thematic/conceptually based advanced exploration of the integration of the visual and performing arts. The topic will develop the intersection/collaboration of a minimum of two disciplinary processes and approaches, focusing on the integration of theory, practice, or both, between the intersecting disciplines of the topic. Topics will vary depending on the semester.

  4. Music Capstone: Senior Thesis MUS 4980

    A lecture and practicum in the development of music creation skills that integrates current trends in composition, improvisation, and performance practices in acoustic, electro acoustic, and interdisciplinary settings.

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