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Business: Management

Do you want to study business administration and a focused area of emphasis? Do you enjoy leading and motivating people? If so, pursuing a Bachelor of Innovation in ​Business with an emphasis in ​ Management may be right for you.

​Business: Management majors gain a foundation for careers in management, human resource management, small business management and entrepreneurship and public agency management. This area of emphasis addresses contemporary issues in management and the changing roles of managers and leaders at all levels of the organization.

What do Business: Management B.I. students study?

Business is the organized effort of individuals to produce and sell, for a profit, the goods and services that satisfy society's needs. A business, then, is an organization which seeks to make a profit through individuals working toward common goals. The goals of the business will vary based on the type of business and the business strategy being used. Regardless of the preferred strategy, businesses must provide a service, product, or good that meets a need of society in some way. As future business leaders, our graduates will demonstrate: knowledge and application of best practices in core business concepts, the ability to analyze and interpret information to reach conclusions and make effective business recommendations, principle based ethics to make socially responsible business decisions.


  1. Improving Personal and Team Creativity HRMG 4380

    Covers the concepts and theories of creativity, but devotes most of the course time to specific, proven approaches to unlock and surface the student’s innate creativity. Examples of creative approaches in business and industry are illustrated. Both individual and group creativity techniques are reviewed and practiced, with emphasis on how to form a creative work team.

  2. Investment and Portfolio Management MGMT 3900

    The study of the investments industry and instruments. Topics include risk and return, security types, mutual funds, the stock market, market efficiency, behavioral finance, interest rates, portfolio diversification, asset allocation and the valuation of stocks, bonds, options and futures. The course discusses investment problems and the formation of diversified portfolios.

  3. Experiences in Leadership MGMT 4110

    Through lectures, videos exercises, case studies, and a major project, students learn the needed skills to become effective leaders. Topics covered include building relationships, dealing with conflict, planning, change, teams and the major leadership theories that have been developed.

  4. Principles of Negotiation and Conflict Management MGMT 4500

    Through a combination of study and hands-on practice, this course introduces students to distributive and integrative negotiation, third-party and multi-party dynamics, and dispute resolution. With a focus on preparation, strategy, interpersonal relationships, and ethics, students will build skills and confidence to become more effective in personal and professional negotiations.

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