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The Bachelor of Innovation™ Family of Degrees

The Bachelor of Innovation™ (BI) is a family of degrees with a common innovation core shared across majors in a wide range of areas. Innovation often happens at the intersection of two or more fields, and the BI puts you at that intersection. You can click on the different fields to see an overview of offerings in that area or the innovation core to learn more about what is in that core and why.

The BI program is an internationally unique family of degrees with an innovation core applied in many fields. While companies and government officials often talk about how innovation is key to our society’s growth and economy, there are few places to learn it — UCCS is the first school to offer a bachelor’s degree with a core on innovation. Innovation, the transformation of ideas into impact, is  a process that can be taught. It is a process that involves not just creativity (that is invention), but also the skills to work with others to move that idea forward and implement it for business and/or social impact. It is a process with a place for everyone’s talents and personality types — extroverts and techies and artisans, entrepreneurs and humanists. It is a process that often involves working with people from many fields and perspectives — something you will practice in any BI major. One major component of the program is multi-disciplinary innovation teams. These teams work hard on real projects with companies interested in the innovative insights that only BI students can bring them. New and exciting projects are actively pursued every day by undergraduates in the BI program.  Many companies in our community engage students in a variety of innovative projects. The ability to team with the community is a cornerstone of this program, but is nothing new for UCCS, a college recognized for its nationally leading community engagement.

Also, the strong multi-disciplinary team dynamic inherent to the BI program provides critical experience working across fields and across age groups. Further advantages include a positive, diverse social network as a valuable resource for students. UCCS’s Bachelor of Innovation program can expect to further enhance the already laudable efforts toward supporting and retaining minorities and women in engineering.

This bold new degree is aimed toward students who want to make an impact,  who are destined to change their world and add value to society. If you want to participate in essential projects with real companies, and if you desire to set yourself apart from the same old Bachelor of Science, then this is the degree for you. Determine to be extraordinary and do something different.

For more information on a Bachelor of Innovation, you may watch this video, explore the website, or contact us directly.

The BI is an internationally unique family of degrees that is found only at UCCS. Join us and prepare for your personal innovation!