The BI 10th Anniversary Gala was a huge success. Mr. Shatner giving a hope-inspiring wide-ranging talk about hope and innovation and challenging the audience of 400 to go out and make an impact and make the world better. Such a great guy, he stopped by a classroom to meet with the students and then choose to eat dinner at a table with the guests, not just be a celebrity in/out of the green room type. He helped us raise money for our innovation program and gave in an interesting/ inspiring talk. Maybe the best quote from his speech was “If you students take your diploma and scroll it up and look through it, as if it were a telescope, and fixate on points of light, you might see something different. You might see hope.” You can read about the event at

The first BI Bold award was given to Mr. Shatner. Terry Boult, the founder of the BI and Nina Polok, the BI executive director, received acknowledgment. All three received custom innovation art pieces from renowned artist Rodger Stevens.

Thanks to Colleen Stiles and Ben Kwitek for their leadership, William Shatner as the keynote speaker, Hilary Billings as our MC, and the many many special guests, and the other faculty and student teams that help tirelessly behinds the scenes to make it successful.