This unprecedented program is motivated by a national need for innovation, and builds on our national reputation such as U.S. News and World Report rankings, that recognize UCCS as a leading university focused on undergraduate education. Being such a recognized leader in the region provides UCCS with a naturally innovative advantage.

It is not necessary just to take our word that an education in innovation is important. Please view a short news clip presenting Colorado’s own US Senator Michael Bennet. He recently visited UCCS specifically to discuss its unparalleled BI degree programs.

(Aired on Fox21 News 3/30/2010. Posted with their permission.)

Special thanks to those innovation students able to meet with our Senator: Alex, Derick, Josh, Teryn, and Steve. Senator Bennet sent a personal thank-you to the BI program, stating that he left that meeting excited and energized. His daughters also had a great time. It is never too early to start recruiting new innovation students!