The following BI degrees in the college of Letters Arts and Science may be of interest to students seeking to study something related to Science

BI in Chemistry


The following BI degrees in the college of engineering may of interest to students seeking to study something related to Engineering

The Bachelor of InnovationTM provides a number of engineering degrees, each providing great opportunities to students in those programs.

A major component of the BI in Electrical Engineering program is multi-disciplinary innovation teams that are working on real projects for real companies. The BI has a major field of study, just like a BA or BS, but it also has a common core in innovation and entrepreneurship including a unique long-term, multi-disciplinary team experience.

Computer Science is a growing field, and major part of almost every industry. Learning CS enables many career paths, and BI in CS students, who have the opportunity to develop skills through innovation and team experience, as well as establishing a strong background in business, will become the type of future professionals who lead new efforts or even new companies.

Security, especially cyber-security or Computer Security, is an area of growing attention with functions unlikely to be outsourced. Security is the focus of  significant funded research at UCCS, giving students opportunity to work at the very edge of the field. This program still covers all the core of CS, and so also sets students up for that alternative career path.