There are four major components of innovation: Business, Creative Communication, Engineering Technology, and Globalization. As a part of the BI degree, students choose a Cross Discipline Core and take 15 credit hours in one of these specialized areas.

The business world is a mysterious and unknown entity to most non-business majors, and navigating business and management ideas can be very tricky. The Business Cross-Discipline Core gives non-business majors a basic understanding of business principles equipping them with the tools necessary to work with and understand the business side of an industry.

Creative Communication
The ability to communicate clearly and think creatively are in high demand but are not taught in the normal engineering or business disciplines. The Creative Communication Core gives any BI major the chance to expand their creative and communication abilities. Ideal for students who are creatively bent, but choose majors that do not include many creative classes.

Engineering Technology
In a technology-driven economy understanding the technology world is invaluable to non-technology majors. The engineering technology core teaches the commonly used technology principles and terms needed to succeed in the tech industry.

Globalization has had a profound effect on the current economy and will continue to do so. The Globalization Core focuses on working in a global economy and the challenges that come with globalization, including learning a foreign language.