“Innovation is transforming ideas into impact”  – Terrance E. Boult, UCCS BI Founder

The Bachelor of Innovation™ (BI) family of degrees is an internationally unique, interdisciplinary undergraduate program at the University of Colorado at Colorado Springs. The BI is a family structure, much like a Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA), that combines the best of traditional degree options with an innovation and entrepreneurship curriculum aimed at giving students the knowledge, team skills, and practical experience necessary to create lasting social and economic impact.

Innovation is not confined to one field. It often takes place when people with different experiences and expertise work together to create something new. The BI follows that framework and is composed of an ever-expanding list of degrees from traditionally separate departments: Business Administration, Computer Science, Computer Science Security, Electrical Engineering, and Game Design and Development, and the new Data Analytics and Systems Engineering.

Every BI Degree contains four primary components designed to give students the skills necessary to lead innovative, successful careers.

The Components of the Bachelor of Innovation Program

The Freshman Year is spent studying entrepreneurship, teamwork, and the innovation process. Following this is 3 years of cross-disciplinary and multi-semester innovation teams courses with real clients.

• Major (42-50 credits): Major courses provide a comprehensive study of a selected subject, students graduate with a basis for expertise and further work in that field.

• Innovation Core (27 credits): Comprised of courses in innovation, entrepreneurship, intellectual property, technical and proposal writing, plus 3 years in multi-disciplinary teams working on real-world projects, the Innovation Core establishes an understanding of innovation and how it is achieved.

Cross Discipline Core (15 credits): With a choice of technology, business, creative communication or globalization, the Cross Discipline Core exposes BI students to fields outside their major that they will be working with throughout their careers.

• General Education (33-40 credits): General Education courses give students a well-rounded education and the opportunity to explore subjects not directly related to their given major.


The BI was created in a direct response to our nation’s need for a radical new approach in engineering education and for future business.In an increasingly competitive global marketplace there is a growing demand for educated people with creative ideas and the ability to implement them.

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