What is the BI Program?

The Bachelor of Innovation (BI) is not a degree in innovation, but a family of related majors, much like a Bachelor of Science (BS) or Bachelor of Arts (BA), that combines traditional degree curriculum with innovation and entrepreneurship training, teamwork, and practical course-work. The BI equips students with the skill set, knowledge, experience, and education necessary to succeed in the modern workplace, from the corporate world to social entrepreneurship, from the non-profit sector to high-tech entrepreneurship, from small businesses to start-ups.

Innovation is not confined to one field, but takes place when people with different experiences and expertise work together to create something new. The BI follows that framework combining entrepreneurship education, innovation courses, teamwork, and cross-discipline studies with UCCS’s world-class education. It is composed of an ever-expanding list of majors from usually separate departments.  Click Here for more information on the BI family of degrees.

What will you study in the BI Program?

Major Courses: UCCS boasts an AACSB Internationally Accredited Business School as being ranked 39th Best of the West in US News and World Report. With a school-wide student-to-faculty ratio of 18:1 and 35% of the classes with fewer than 20 you will learn in classes where you can ask questions and the professor knows your name.

Innovation Core: The innovation classes have two key components: lectures from industry experienced professors and practical assignments that often include working with outside clients.

Instead of just learning about business plans, you will write a business plan with your team and pitch your idea to local Investors and Business men and women.

You won’t just learn how to write proposals, you will write proposals with local businesses for a grant or contract they are pursuing.

You will learn what it means to work in a team, then you will work in a cross-discipline team for a business client.

Learning is useless unless you have the ability to do what you’ve learned. In the BI you will be given the opportunity to use what you learn in the academic setting where you can get assistance and advice from professors

Cross Discipline Core: As a BI student you will choose a Cross Discipline Core in Technology, Globalization, Creative Communications, or Business, all subjects that are closely related to innovation. Similar to a minor, the Cross Discipline Core will give you a chance to explore a subject outside your major.