The Pop-Up Innovation Challenge will focus on engaging with students on campus to educate them on the importance of innovation, and will spread awareness about the BI degree program through a fun innovative challenge.

Challenges will focus primarily on innovation but will also tie in concepts such as creativity, communication, collaboration, etc.

Challenge 1: April 8th, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Students will have the option of participating in one of the two provided challenges:

Save the penguins: this challenge engages students in both innovation and collaboration, the goal of the challenge was to move the penguins to safety while using as many of the materials as possible.

1Steve Cruz and Justin Karpan-Lowman50/50
2Heron Szyba46/50
3Rachel Sadler and Joseph Maruna40/50
4Sean Chen35/50
5Austin Johnson34/50
6Jennifer Coyne32/50
7Morgan Schachterle30/50


Lilly Pad: this challenge engages students in both innovation and engineering. Students were scored based on their ability to save all three toads, and their use of the provided materials.

1Clare Guischard48/50
3Noelle Windersheim38/50
4Ronan Witte35/50
5Thiery Jones and Steven Farmer35/50
6Emily Aragon32/50
7Rachel Sadler30/50

Challenge 2: April 22nd, 1:00pm – 4:00pm

Students will have the option of participating in one of the two provided challenges:

The oldest, tallest tower: Students will engage in both innovation and creativity by creating a tower that can stand for 30 seconds. Scores are based on the height of the tower, if it can last the total time, and how materials were used.

1Rice Province50/50
2Matt Rieth49/50
3Justin Karpan-Lowman48/50
4Arianna Swenson46/50
4Lailani Tyler46/50
4Karel Hernandez Bandrich46/50
5Shawn Partin42/50
6Brad Baker35/50
7Steve Cruz34/50
8Brian Yee32/50
9 April Slawson 29/50
10Connor Palmore26/50
11Matt Berg26/50
12Austin Johnson25/50


Lego Language: students will learn to utilize skills of innovation and communication by creating their own language using three lego pieces. Students will be tested on their ability to recall defined words. Students are scored based on the difficulty of lego pieces used and the time taken to guess the correct word.

1Steven Farmer and Thiery Jones50/50
2Justin Karpan-Lowman and Steve Cruz45/50
3Stephanie Moyer and Shawn Partin43/50
4Ciara Fergin, Chris Casias, and Alex Chambers40/50
4Jacklynn Snyder, Chloe Mundorf, Karel Hernandez40/50
4Connor Palmore and Lailani Tyler40/50

A Note From the Challenge Creators: Brenna Nelson and Nathan Sanders

“As Bachelor of Innovation students, we have learned how integral innovation is to success. This program has changed our lives for the better, and we hope to share some of what we have learned with the general student population in a fun and engaging manner.”

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