Why choose to study at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs?

The Bachelor of Innovation (BI) is a family of degrees unique to the University of Colorado Colorado Springs. We define innovation as, “transforming ideas into impact.” The BI curriculum is designed to give students the tools and knowledge necessary to take an idea from conception to completion. It is not a degree in innovation, but a degree in the major of your choice (currently Business, Computer Science, Computer Security, Electrical Engineering and Game Design and Development) at a nationally ranked university. In addition, students complete a Cross Discipline Core in Business, Creative Communications, Technology, or Globalization.

The BI aims to have a diverse program: A place where people with different interests, different backgrounds, and different cultures work together to solve problems. The BI’s philosophy is that everyone brings something unique to the table, and students from other nations are an asset to the program.

For more information about visas, applying, and living in Colorado Springs visit the International Student’s page at http://www.uccs.edu/~international.