The Bachelor of Innovation (BI) is a family of degrees similar to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS). Also like a BA or BS, the BI offers degrees in various majors, which at the moment include Game Design and Development, Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Computer Science Security, and Business.

In the BI, students take take the same major classes as their BS or BA counterparts. The difference between a BI and a BS or BA lies in the elective courses. Electives are split between the Innovation Core, Cross Discipline Core and open electives.

The Innovation Core is the BI’s most unique aspect. It combines Entrepreneurship, Innovation training, Intellectual Property and Business law, Technical writing, and Teams Courses to prepare graduates to be innovative employees.

The Cross Discipline Core CDC (15 credit hours), closely resembles a minor and can be taken in Technology, Creative Communications, Business, and Globalization. The CDC areas of emphasis focus on key fields that are related to innovation, giving BI graduates exposure to fields that they would not be exposed to in a BA or BS.

BI graduates have a strong academic foundation combined with practical experience, including three semester-long team projects working with businesses. These projects are designed to not be an “academic project,” but rather emulate the business world. Businesses apply to have a BI team work on a project; if their project is chosen, BI students from different disciplines, based on their skill-set, are assigned to work on it. Sometimes students have the skills necessary to complete the project; other times students have to learn new skills (programming languages, marketing techniques, how to write a grant, proposal, etc) to finish the project.