Group projects and teamwork are fundamental aspects of the B.I. Program. Starting from freshman year, students are divided into teams which work in partnership with local and regional clients that have specific Business and Engineering needs.  Here are some examples of recent clients who have had their needs met exceedingly well.

Chuck’s Story

ALIIVE, an acronym for Advance Live-fire Integrated Intelligent Virtual Environment, is an idea developed by Freshmen students in the B.I. program for a virtual combat training system for military use, entailing a shock suit, GPS units, and laser line-of-sight operation. This BI team and Dr. Boult partnered with a local  company, Combat Training Solutions, to pursue a Phase I  Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR). The initial ALIIVE team that developed the SBIR proposal was awarded a DOD contract for  $100,000 to further research/design. Most of this BI Team were also paid from that funding and worked on advancing the product design, market research, coding, and proposal writing. All of these are useful skills that will probably be used in their careers.

Tier1Performance Solutions XL-CITR Project
A team of BI students supported Tier1Performance Solutions, along with doctors Edward Chow, Tim Chamillard, and Terry Boult of UCCS, to develop a Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) proposal on Serious Gaming. This project used game technology to help military personal learn about insider threat cyber security. As a successful proposal, with the combined Tier1Performanece Solutions/UCCS Team, the team won $200,000 in Federal and Kentucky State funding. Implementation effort was lead by Tier1,and BI Students working with graduate students in CyberSecurity developed protytpes. The team went on to submit a successful $750,000 Phase II award which took their project all the way to a full commercial product.  BI continues to work with Tier1Perfoermance Solutions.

Driving under the influence is a major problem, so a team of BI students have been working with Dr. Boult and Dr. Lewis on an innovative solution. Teams for this project have submitted multiple  proposals, including a National Science Foundation proposal and a major National Institute of Health proposal.   Syberenety is the BI program’s first spin-off company. It is lead by Steve Basset, the first BI graduate, and partnered with faculty from UCCS as well as Colorado entrepreneurs from Longmont. Their first external funding, a $150,000 for a  NSF Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) Phase I project, started in Janurary 2010. Look to see more on this venture when the licensing deal is finalized for their IP and Syberenety begins making progress.

Working with Alison Brown, a local serial entrepreneur, a team of eight BI students are building technology and business models for  a non-profit company using GPS and GSM technology for tracking and training pets. Students have been working on actual phone software, GPS components, dog collars, and the business modeling and e-commerce web-setup. Wuffit technology underwent field trials in December 2009, and the company is now taking pre-orders as the units are being manufactured in bulk.

Value Innovation
BI teams have been working with Value Innovation (Vi) for 2+ years, and this relationship has been mutually beneficial. An innovation team helped Vi with production of a book on value innovation, and was paid for part of their effort. April-June 2009 BI partnered with Vi on an National Science Foundation (NSF) Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) grant proposal and helped win $150,000 to develop an innovation toolkit. In Spring 2010, another innovation team helped Vi build simulations/games to teach key value innovation concepts, while another team helped implement other tools as web-based software-as-a-service. They helped convert material from Value Innovation Seminars into a books, which is now for sale by the company.

MomsKidsBooks is passionate about great children’s books. We believe engaging with great books helps kids to love reading, and that developing an interest in reading at  a young age will usher them into a lifetime of literacy, which is key to a successful education and future. Literacy is foundational to our society. MomsKidsbooks is  helping children become better readers by creating a community of moms and others who can find and make recommendations for the best books  for kids. The website was  brought into existence through the efforts of several students. Meet some of  them at this blog post. MomsKidsBooks ceased operations in 2013.

Green Woman Publishing
In Springs 2014 a team is helping Greenwoman publishing develop social media outreach and improve Search Engine Optimization to promote their magazine and their book
Zera and the Greenman and the The Green Woman magazine>