General Academic Information

Academic Policies

It is the responsibility of each student to know and follow all Academic policies established by the University and the College of Engineering & Applied Science (EAS) that are set forth in the Catalog (

Course Prerequisites

Students are responsible for knowing and completing all course prerequisites. Course prerequisites are strictly enforced for all classes at UCCS.

Residency, Restrictions, and Limitations

Students must be admitted into the College of Engineering and Applied Science as well as complete at least the final 30 credit hours of coursework exclusively at UCCS. Only three hours of Independent Study may count toward the degree. Credit for work experience, Military Science, and ROTC – when granted – is generally not applicable to degree fulfillment.


Students whose full-time semester’s or cumulative GPA falls below 2.0 will be placed on probation for the next semester in which they are enrolled in the College of Engineering & Applied Science and will be notified by email and mail. If, after that semester, the semester or cumulative GPA is still below 2.0, the student will be suspended from the college. PLEASE NOTE: While on probation, registration for the subsequent semester will be blocked until final grades are posted for the current semester. This is to verify that the minimum semester GPA for each student has been fulfilled.

UCCS Bachelor of Science Computer Security Major Degree Requirements

* A minimum of 128 hours must be completed with a cumulative CU grade point average of 2.0.

* The last 30 hours of the degree must be completed while registered in the College of Engineering and Applied Science at UCCS.

* Courses numbered below 1000 do not count towards degree completion.

* This guide is provided for student use only. It does not represent an official documentation of a student’s progress towards completion of their degree program. The BS. Computer Security program requires a minimum 2.0 GPA in all CS course work taken in order to graduate. Students must complete an exit interview in their final semester.

Compass Curriculum

Compass Curriculum is the campus-wide general education program at UCCS. The Compass Curriculum has multiple components many of which will coincide with the degree requirements listed in this guide. Please visit the Compass Curriculum website at, review your degree audit, or check out the Compass Curriculum advising guide for specific course details. The required components are listed below and referenced in the guide.

Composition Courses  (6 Credits)

ENGL 1310 Rhetoric and Writing I OR
ENGL 1410 Rhetoric and Writing II
ENGL 2090 Technical Writing and Presentation3
PORT 3000 Writing Portfolio Assessment 0

Mathematics (17 Credits)

MATH 1350 Calculus I4
MATH 1360 Calculus II4
MATH 2150 Discrete Mathematics
CS 2300 Computational Linear Algebra OR
MATH 3130 Intro to Linear algebra
CS 3610 Security Probability and Statistics OR
MATH 3810 Intro to Probability and Statistics OR
ECE 3610 Engineering Probability and Statistics

Basic Science (15 credits)

Natural science (for science or engineering majors) with at least 1 year with 1 year of lab in the same science 15 Credits

Security Core (57 credits)

CS 1150 Principles of Computer Science3 credits
CS 1450 Data Structures and Algorithms in Java3 credits
CS 2080 Programming in UNIX2 credits
CS 2060 Programming with C3 credits
CS 2160 Computer Organization and Assembly Language3 credits
CS 3060 Object-Oriented Programming in C++ OR
CS 3020 Object-Oriented Programming in C#
3 credits
CS 2910 System and Administrative Security3 credits
CS 3050 Social and Ethical Implications of Computing1 credit
CS 3300 Software Engineering3 credits
PAD 3400 Public Administration and Homeland Security or PAD 4400 Understanding Terrorism3 credits
CS 4200 Computer Architecture3 credits
CS 4220 Computer Networks3 credits
CS 4420 Database3 credits
CS 4500 Operating Systems I3 credits
CS 4910 Fundamentals of Computer/Network Security3 credits
CS 4920 Applied Cryptography3 credits
CS 4940 Ethical Hacking (Capstone)3 credits
Select any CS 4000+ level course not used in the program3 Credits
Complete 6 hours of electives from the following:
CS 4950/5950: Homeland Security and Cybersecurity
CS 4930: Privacy and Censorship
CS 4730: Algorithmic Game Theory
CS 4960/5960: Wireless System and Security Other
CS4000+ security related courses approved by the faculty advisor
6 Credits

Compass Curriculum (3 Credits)

GPS 1010 Gateway Program Seminar 3 Credits

Open Electives (8 Credits)

Complete 8 hours of open electives to fulfill the total hours requirement for the degree program. The chosen course(s) can be selected from any discipline but may not include any math course below
MATH 1350. Only 3 credit hours of CS course work numbered
below CS 1150 may count towards Electives

Humanities/ Social Science (25 Credits)

Complete 25 Credit Hours of Humanities/Social Science electives from the following departments:
Art History
English (Except for composition courses)
Foreign and Cultural Studies and Foreign Language
Women’s and Ethnic Studies