The Bachelor of Innovation™ in Visual and Performing Arts – Museum Studies and Gallery Practice (MSGP) is a cross-disciplinary degree that prepares students for the professional world of museums, commercial galleries and other related curatorial professions. A collaboration between the Department of Visual and Performing Arts and Anthropology in the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences, along with the College of Engineering, and the College of Business, this cutting edge curriculum combines academic studies, technical skills, entrepreneurial and professional training to prepare students for a variety of careers in the broad spectrum of professional museum and gallery practice.

By combining traditionally disparate disciplines, students gain academic, practical and professional skills that are vital in the museum and gallery industries. Students will develop problem solving and critical thinking skills, learn to work on multifaceted teams, acquire valuable business skills while learning about the museum and gallery fields. This varied background ensures that they can effectively compete in the changing career landscape driven by innovation. Students completing this program will be well prepared to work in museum administration, development, public relations or run a commercial gallery. Students gain a depth of understanding in museum and gallery practice and a breadth of other arts disciplines, business skills, technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. BI VAPA Museum Studies and Gallery Practice students will participate in several high level collaborative projects, internships and produce professional level work that will give them a distinct advantage launching careers in the competitive changing world of museum and gallery curatorial practice.

The BI encompasses the best of the arts, education, humanities, natural and social sciences, engineering, computer science and business blending the creative, philosophical, historical and pragmatic to enable students to take their ideas out into the world as global citizens who are scholars, creators, critical thinkers, creative problem solvers and social militants.

Degree Requirements
The degree requirements for the Bachelor of Innovation™ degree in Museum Studies and Gallery Practice require a minimum of 33 credit hours of VAPA course work with a minimum of 18 credit hours of upper-division (3000+ level) VAPA course work.
VAPA majors must maintain a minimum 2.0 GPA in all VAPA course work completed in order to graduate.

Innovation Core (24 Credits)

Cross Discipline Core (15 Credits)

English (3 Credits)

Area Requirements (27 Credits)
Students must complete 9 credit hours each of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

Students are responsible for completing all course prerequisites; prerequisites are strictly enforced. All skills including junior core and senior capstone courses must be completed with a C- or better.

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