BI Requirements:
Innovation Core and Cross-Discipline Core: 39 Credits

LAS & UCCS Requirements:
Museum Practice and Heritage Management, Compass Curriculum*, and LAS Area Requirements: 81 Credits

Degree Credits total: 120

*All of the Compass Curriculum (CC) requirements, with the exception of the Gateway GPS and Explore Physical, Natural World classes are met either through the BI Core or the LAS General Area Requirements. Five of the eight requirements for the CC are met within the BI Core. This includes the second writing course, two explore courses, navigate, the summit experience. In addition the sustainability, inclusive global diversity, and writing intensive requirements are all met. Breakdown of Requirements met between the Compass Curriculum and the LAS and BI cores.

Freshman Year
BI Core Comapss Curriculum LAS General Education
GPS 1010
ENG 1310 ENG 1310
INOV 2100 Second Writing Course ENG 1410, 2080, 2090
Quantitative & Qualitative Quantitative & Qualitative
ENTP 1000 Sustainibility Explore: Society, Sociology, Economics, Institutions, Health & Sustainibility Social Science
Explore: Physical, Natural Science Physical Science
INOV 1010 Inclusiveness Global Diversity Explore: Arts, Humanitites, Cultures & Inclusive Global Diversity Arts Humanities HUM 3900
INOV 2010 Writing Intensive
INOV 3010 Writing Intensive Navigate HUM 3900
ENTP 4500 Summit Experience
Inclusive Global Diversity Sustainibility Writing Intensive Cultural Diversity, Global Awareness, Oral Communication

Introductory Core: 10 Credits

Credits Course Number Course Title
4 ANTH 1020 Introduction to Archaeology
3 MSGP 2000 Introduction to Museam Studies
3 ANTH 1040 Introduction to Cultural Anthropology

Methods Core: 6-12 credits (Choose 2-3 from the following list)

Credits Course Number Course Title
3 Choose 1 ANTH 3210 OR MSGP 4070 Lab Techniques in Archaeology OR Collections Management
3-9 Choose 1-2 from the following list ANTH 3170/3190 Field Practicum in Archaeology
ANTH 3215 Geospatial Anthropology
ANTH 2220 Experimental Anthropology

Law and Management: 3 Credits

Credits Course Number Course Title
3 ANTH 3180 OR MSGP 4090 Archaeology and Public Policy
OR Museam Administration

Integrative: 6 Credits (Choose two from the following list)

Credits Course Number Course Title
3 ANTH 3150 Anthropology of Art and Expressive Culture
3 ANTH 4420 Museums and Meaning
3 ANTH 3220 Archaeology of Native North America
3 ANTH 3270 Archaeology of the Recent Past
3 MSGP 4100 Native American Perspectives on Museums
3 ANTH 3970 History and Theory in Anthropology
3 ANTH 3600 History and Practice of Archaeology

Capstone Internship: 3 Credits (All students will take an internship and complete an internship portfolio and final paper as the Capstone requirement for the degree. These will occur in on an approved job site with faculty oversight and guidance using a contract outlining student learning objectives. )

Credits Course Number Course Title
3 ANTH 4710 OR MSGP 4030 Internship in Anthropology OR Museum Studies

Topical Electives Core 6-9 Credits (Choose 2-3 from the following list)

Credits Course Number Course Title
3 MSGP 4060 Exhibit Design and Development
3 MSGP 4080 Museum Education
3 MSGP 4200 Special Topics in Museum Studies
3 ANTH 3250 Native Peoples of the Southwest
3 ANTH 3000 Quantitative Methods
3 ANTH 3660 OR 3630 Applied Community Studies OR Field Experiences in Applied Anthropology
3 ANTH 3290 Archaeology of Colorado
3 ANTH 3100 Special Topics in Anthropology
3 ANTH 3420 North American Indians