Example course layout for B.I. in Inclusive Childhood Education Program

Fall Semester (15 Credit Hours)
ENTP 1000 Intro to Entrepreneurship
ENGL 1310 Rhetoric and Writing 1
GPS 1010 Gateway Program Seminar
GE Quantitative Reasoning
Cross Discipline Core
Spring Semester (15 Credit Hours)
LEAD 1000 Foundations of Education (GE Explore)
INOV 1010 The Innovation Process
ENGL 1410 Rhetoric and Writing 2
GE Explore
Cross Discipline Core
Fall Semester (15 Credit Hours)
IECE 1000 Introduction to Inclusive Early Childhood Education
GE Explore
BLAW 2010 Business and Intellectual Property Law
INOV Innovation Team: Analyze and Report
Cross Discipline Core
Spring Semester (12 Credit Hours)
IECE 1020 Learning through Play
INOV 3010 Innovation Team: Research and Execute
INOV 2100 Technical Writing Proposals and Presentations
Cross Discipline Core
Fall Semester (12 Credit Hours)
IECE 2000 Collaboration & Communication in Early Childhood Education (Adv. Integ. Core)
INOV 4010 Innovation Team: Design and Lead
Cross Discipline Core
COUN 4500 Wellness, Resiliency, and Emotional Intelligence (Adv. Integ. Core)
Spring Semester (15 Credit Hours)
CURR Block 1: Children’s Literature
IECE 3000 Observation, Documentation & Assessment for the Inclusive Early Childhood Educator
IECE 3010 Early Language & Literacy 1 (Birth – 4)
IECE 3020 Practicum
ENTP 4500 Entrepreneurship and Strategy
Fall Semester (15 Credit Hours)
IECE 4000 Block II: Math and Numeracy
IECE 4010 Early Language & Literacy 1 (Age 5 – Age 8)
IECE 4020 Creating Classroom Communities – Social & Behavioral Supports for Young Children
IECE 4030 Practicum
Spring Semester (15 Credit Hours)
IECE Student Teaching
IECE 4050 Student Teaching Seminar