Example course layout for B.I. in Computer Science

* – course offered during Summer Semester

** – course only offered that semester or if taken off sequence may cause conflicts.

# – course doesn’t count towards degree requirements

Begin by taking a Math Placement exam. If placed in MATH 1040, schedule will look similar to the following.

Fall Semester (16 Credit Hours)
**ENTP 1000 Intro to Entrepreneurship
CS 1150 Principles of Computer Science
*ENGL 1310 Rhetoric & Writing 1
# MATH 1040 College Algebra
GPS 1010 Gateway Program Seminar
Spring Semester (14 Credit Hours)
CS 1450 Data Structures and Algorithms
**INOV 1010 The Innovation Process
# MATH 1050 Elementary Functions of Calculus
CS 2060 Programming with C
Cross Discipline Core Course
Fall Semester (16 Credit Hours)
*MATH 1350 Calculus I
CS 2300 Computational Linear Algebra
CS 2080 Programming with UNIX
CS 2160 Computer Org. & Assembly Language Programming
**BLAW 2010 Business & Intellectual Property Law
Science (PES, Chem/Bio) with lab
Spring Semester (17 Credit Hours)
Math 1360 Calculus II
CS 3060 Object-Oriented Programming Using C++ OR CS 3020 Advanced Object Technology Using C#/.net
INOV 2100 Technical Writing
INOV 2010 Innovation Team: Analyze & Report
Science (PES, Chem/Bio) with lab
Fall Semester (14-15 Credit Hours)
CS 3160 Concepts of Programming Languages
CS 4420 Database Systems I
INOV 3010 Innovation Team: Research & Execute
*Math 2150 Discrete Math
Cross Discipline Core Course
Cross Discipline Core Course
Spring Semester (16-17 Credit Hours)
CS 3300 Software Engineering
CS 4200 Computer Architecture I
**ECE 3610 Engineering Probability & Statistics OR *QUAN 2010 Business Statistics
CS 4220 Computer Networks
Cross Discipline Core Course
Open Elective
Fall Semester (14 Credit Hours)
**CS 4500 Operating Systems I
**CS 4720 Design and Analysis of Algorithms
*CS Professional Elective Course (3000+)
Cross Discipline Core Course
Open Elective
Spring Semester (15 Credit Hours)
CS 3050 Social and Ethical Implications of Computing
CS Professional Elective Course (3000+)
CS Elective (4000-5999)
**ENTP 4500 Entrepreneurship & Strategy
Open Elective
INOV 4010 Innovation Team: Research & Execute OR Open Elective